Prospect Farms Muscle Relief Products

Naturally formulated with premium ingredients to promote targeted pain relief and on-the-spot muscle recovery.

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Muscle Therapy Oil
‍20,000 MG Full Spectrum CBD

Wholesale Price:
$362.50 / gallon
Under $5 per treatment depending on volume of oil used
Maximum Strength Balance Topical
4,500 MG Full Spectrum CBD

$60.00 per unit || $120.00 MSRP
$240.00 per sleeve (4 units)
$720.00 per case (12 units)

The Power of Prospect  

1) Seed-to-Store: From seed to store, we organically-grow, harvest, dry, extract and formulate benefit-focused Full Spectrum and botanically-forward products. 

2) Single Source: Our commitment to single source means we only use carefully-selected hemp grown on our farm located in beautiful Prospect, Maine.

3) Tested & Trusted: From the soil we start with to the final product, we test our products upwards of 14 times for heavy metals, pesticides and bacterial contaminants to ensure our products are truly clean and truly green, then make those lab reports available online, on our bottles, and on our boxes. 

4) Sustainable: From regenerative farming practices to how we craft and ship our products, to our post consumer packaging use of vegetable dyes, our commitment to sustainability is the foundation of Prospect Farms.

5) Education: From customized data rooms with access to our decks and training materials, to in person or virtual training sessions, to the development of a mobile app, Prospect Farms will support your team and your customers from day 1. 

6) Customization*: Because we are the farm, we can customize our products to meet your brand’s needs from formulation to packaging to scents, etc…

*minimums apply

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Our Calming Drops are crafted with premium, all-natural ingredients to help calm and ease your pet. Specially formulated to help address stress & anxiety, mood and hyperactivity.


Our  Mobility Drops are crafted with premium ingredients to enhance mobility and help your pet get the relief they need. Specially formulated to ease hip & joint pain, decrease inflammation, and provide stress relief.

Introduce Customers to the Prospect Farms Wellness Story with a Retail Starter Kit:

•  16 Pet Drops

•  8 Calm + 8 Mobility

•  Choice of flavor

•  Free countertop display + training

Get in touch to save $100 on our Retail Starter Kit

From our earth to your hands

We believe nature has a way of making the best solutions simple. This is why we take the time to organically grow, harvest, and craft our products by hand. From seed-to-store, from our farm to your hands, everything happens right here on Prospect Farms. Nothing imported, nothing synthetic and never a corner cut, just farm fresh wellness products designed to help you live well naturally.