The Farm

The Story of Prospect Farms

Quality, authenticity and craftsmanship are in the air we breathe here at Prospect Farms — and in every drop of our products. Why? Because our story runs far deeper than the brand we founded in 2018.

We take our name, as well as the land we grow our hemp and produce our products on, from a centuries old farm in the small coastal town of Prospect, Maine. We see ourselves as the present stewards of this farm land, and are dedicated to preserving this legacy as we are to creating products that help our people and our pets live well, naturally. This isn’t just a hobby for us. This is our passion.

We knew from the start that we wanted to have complete control over our products — and that everything, from seed selection to planting, cultivation, processing and packaging needed to be under one roof. This allows us to control the quality and be a leader in providing the type of transparency that builds trust in us and our products. And Prospect, Maine was the perfect place.

Our Farm

To know Prospect is to fall in love with it. Here, the sea air softens over rolling fields. The forests are dense. The soil is rich. The water is pure. The community is strong. 

We were incredibly humbled to be welcomed into Prospect with such open arms. There’s great pride in Maine’s tradition of craftsmanship, quality and hard work, and we want to pay homage to those who came before us wherever we can. It has been a privilege and unique opportunity to repurpose and rehabilitate a 400-year-old property — to take something that could have been forgotten and give it a new life, and invite the community to join us on that journey. 

To do so, we partnered with those who already knew the land to ensure we cultivated it correctly, bringing on Tom Davis — whose family has run a dairy business widely recognized in the region for generations — as our farming partner. He’s every bit as passionate about the process as we are and has kindly lent us his tricks of the trade. Together, we bring 40+ years of farming experience to Prospect Farms.

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Our Hemp

With Tom’s deep knowledge of the land and our deep understanding of hemp, we’ve been able to produce some of the highest quality hemp grown in the United States. 

Each of our products begins as a hemp plant organically-grown on one of our 250 acres. We take full advantage of the farm’s incredible growing conditions to keep our use of fertilizers to a minimum, letting the plants grow as untouched as possible. For example, most of our acres are located on a unique windy knoll. Towards the late fall and into colder and wetter months, air moves to keep the plants dry, providing natural quality control. 

We take only the best of our crop through to the extraction process in our Class I Division I facility, resulting in full-spectrum hemp oil that is as pure and rich in beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Then, we blend this hemp oil with ultra-fresh carrier oils uniquely selected to amplify the benefits of CBD. Each of these oils comes from carefully selected partner farms worldwide — for example, our olive oil is sourced from family-owned farms and is a powerful superfood on its own. Taking this path isn’t easy — it means our products take a little bit longer to produce — but we’ll never compromise quality for convenience. 

We are accountable in each aspect of our products’ supply chain and are proud to be as transparent as possible about our process. We believe wellness is rooted in trust and authenticity, so from our farming practices to the ingredients included in each of our tinctures, we have nothing to hide. Learn more about our Seed-to-Store Promise.

Our Community

We are committed to wellness from the ground up, and understand that health on an individual level can’t exist without a healthy community. We’ve opened our doors to Prospect residents who needed work, and we’re honored to be the single largest employer in a town of just over 700 residents. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly — we want to grow within our community, helping to train folks and impart some of our knowledge on them so they can grow with us. 

With that mission in mind, we committed to integrating ourselves into the unique fabric of Prospect. We attend town board meetings, extending our resources wherever possible. Prospect’s town administrator has become one of our employees. The farm is a second home for us, and its health is every bit as important to us as the quality CBD we can create there. 

We invite you to be a part of that community every time you pause to drop our tinctures under your tongue or soothe your sore muscles with one of our topicals. Because this is our story — but it’s yours, too.

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